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Swimming-pool, Spa, water-attractions. The widest range of equipment, together or retail: counter-current swimming upstream, massage systems, shower, cascade, blade of water, swimming channel nozzles, bubbling seat, bottom boiling, water cannon, water mushrooms, ..., pumps, parts to seal...

In the case of use in public range are to be considered in accordance with EN 13451 part 1-10.
All massages systems and water attractions are also available for public pools according to this norme EN 13451 part 1-10.

Fitstar for sport and relaxing.

Fitstar spaWhether you are searching for that exuberant sporty challenge, relaxing massage or both, we have the ideal solution for you. Our counter-current-systems from Fitstar not only provides you with an excellent fitness device for energetic swimming but an alternative massage system for that relaxing sensation.

Further air-bubble-systems, massage-systems and water-attractions like our flood-showers and water-canons are all designed to improve your relaxation, wellbeing and fun and fun, providing you with that welcome escape to ease the tension from your hectic lifestyle. For your every requirement, we have the viable solution.